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Our founder & CEo


Born and raised in Harlem, NY, Danielle had a passion for makeup very early on in life. It was nothing her mother would wear but something she found fascinating.

Makeup changed the confidence of a woman. She walked differently when she applied her lipgloss, and her head moved differently once her lashes were on as she walked down the street.

Growing up in church and now being married to a pastor, Danielle finds the extreme lack of women empowerment. So she brings her two passions together and give you She Is... a beauty line that not only empowers women, but encourages and uplifts every woman. Pushing them to be the very best version of their beautiful selves.. 

And while pushing women to be the best version of themselves, we believe in promoting what we believe as well. So in 2020 we decided that we should expand our brand and add Kingd0m Culture. A brand that the everyday believer and non believer can wear. We believe that we have a charge to 'Make Yahweh Famous'.


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